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Hungrywich's @ One-North

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Went to Hungrywich's with some of my friends for lunch today! I used to patronise this little cafe frequently during my 'O' level period, where I'll buy one of the two vegan choices for lunch after a paper. Hmm... I've just realised that I wasn't vegetarian then, but I've never tried any of the other sandwiches!
Hungrywich's sells mainly sandwiches, but they also have (non-vegan) muffins, cookies, coffee, tea and such. Portions are larger than that of Subway (eww), and it's quite a quiet place so you can just read a book or study there...

I was surprised to find that they've expanded - to twice the size! And refurbished too. Love the decor! Especially the nice wood tables and benches. I just love wood-y stuff.
The lady that was working there during my 'O' level days (2 years ago) is still there! Haha.

I had the California Veganwich - (quoted from their website) Grilled seasoned eggplant, mushrooms, grilled onions, roasted peppers, tomatoes, butterhead lettuce on light rye. Which was, sad to say, disappointing. :( I guess with the rising costs and the higher rental with the bigger shop, they've had to cut down on the quality. Sigh, it's always like this, isn't it. This is the sandwich that I've eaten the most often - perhaps at least 10 times? And the amount of ingredients have decreased. Like the very first time I ate it I was amazed, for it tasted so good. It was filled with so many veggies and was seriously worth the money ($6.30, if I'm not wrong). There were huge pieces of grilled veggies - the most memorable being thick slice of eggplant! (lol, memorable veggies) It was so so delicious. The other times I ate this it was good too, though I wasn't so amazed probably because it wasn't my first time having it.
But this time, it has shrunk. No huge pieces of veggies and the ratio of bread to filling is too much. The sauce is still the same - a spicy, creamy sauce that I've once suspected wasn't vegan, and asked for it without on more than one occasion. Because I've asked what it was before and didn't get a definite answer. But it must be, now that it's printed on the new menu. I always need to know that goes into my food. Lols.
I've also eaten the Spiced Vegan Teriyaki - Spiced teriyaki soy based patty, grilled onions, roasted peppers, seasonal lettuce on light oats bread twice before. The patty is made of tempeh, and the first time I had this was also the first time trying tempeh! Thus I didn't quite like it. Though now I have tempeh quite often so it'll probably taste better to me now! No idea if this has changed too...
Oh well, though this isn't as good a place to eat at as before, it's great that they have vegan options! (I also saw a vegan spinach wrap on display. But it looked small. This greedy pig likes big food :x ) Well, this is the place of my memories~ LOL. I think I'll still go back to study or do reports and such.
Random something: I really don't like it when stores use a commonly-used, Microsoft-word font for their logo. My favourite example must be Chewy Junior. Am I being too picky and critical? Hehe :x 

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