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Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant Buffet @ Quality Hotel

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Two Sundays ago, I went to Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant with my parents and grandma for a buffet! It was my first post-banana-island meal haha. :x My grandma has been here many times and she excitedly told us how delicious the chicken rice tastes! 

It's located at the second floor of Quality Hotel at Balestier Road. It's supposedly a leading Chinese vegetarian restaurant from Taiwan.

It was quite crowded when we arrived!

The view from my seat.

Sorry for the not-so-good photos; the lighting was yellow and I only used my camera at the table - the rest are taken by phone.

There was such a wide variety of food!! Most of it was Chinese food, but I was so happy to have so much to choose from :D Most dishes are vegan, but some have dairy - I think it's only the mushroom soup, mayo at the salad bar, condensed milk at the ice kachang station, ice cream and some other desserts.

It's $22.80++ for the Asian Buffet! I think it's quite worth it. ^^

This is great! This kinda policy should be at every buffet restaurant.

There was a small Japanese section behind where we were sitting.

Assorted sushi. They were a little dry, because they've been left out in the open. But I was happy to eat them because I've not had sushi in a while (to lazy to make any)! :)

They all contain mock meat. Many of the dishes here have mock meat, which was expected since this is Asian-style. I'm fine with eating it once in a while. It didn't seem like there was much MSG in the food - we didn't feel really thirsty afterwards. 

It looks kinda like sashimi, but it didn't really taste like it. It's jelly-like and probably made of konnyaku or shirataki. It's the second vegan 'sashimi' I've tried, the first one being watermelon sashimi at Onaka - that was interestingly weird.
DIM SUM! :D I've not had any in a long long long while. These were average. 

My first plate! Clockwise: dim sum, sushi, sashimi, pumpkin salad, wakame salad, some peanut dish, fried item from Japanese section.

Both the pumpkin salad and wakame salad (can't remember their exact names) were yummy! Grandma agreed too.

Tiny little portions of chicken rice! They had to be ordered from a counter. My grandma lamented that it doesn't look as good as it used to - previously the 'chicken' was in slices and really resembled the real thing. Still, it tested great!!! Also, the rice was glistening and really fragrant. Mum said that the chili was really good too.

Cute little bowl of laksa. It tasted exactly like the 'real' thing - which usually has shrimp paste or something. We were blown away!

Other items to be ordered from the counters are chee cheong fun, Taiwanese mee sua and mushroom soup.

Fried noodles and fried rice.

Second plate. Clockwise: Ladyfingers, kimchi, carrot cake, lotus root, tofu salad, fried yellow noodles, fried Taiwan noodles, char kway teow, veggies.

The kimchi was meh. I don't know why but it didn't really taste good.
On the other hand, the carrot cake was AMAZING! It was a childhood favourite. Omg I wanna eat it now. 
I was glad to find char kway teow there because I was craving some for a few days before hehe. It was just like how I'd remembered it to be. Yummy, but greasy - a few bites was enough.

Other than the mushroom soup, this is probably the only other Western dish there! I didn't try it though.

More laksa in another cute bowl!

Third plate. This has quite a lot of mock meat. Clockwise: Unknown stew, curry, bread for the curry, pumpkin salad, veggies from the yong tau foo corner, jicama stir-fry

The curry was a little too oily, but the ingredients were cooked to perfection!
The jicama in the stir-fry (at the top of the plate) was deliciously crunchy ^^

This is the dessert corner beside the Japanese section. I think some, including those eggless cakes at the right, have dairy. I only had the jelly at the very left - it was some black bean thing and it was delicious! 

There was ice cream too, but they were regular dairy ice cream. If only they had Soyato.

Ice kachang! Because I was thirsty after assaulting my tastebuds with saltiness. This is ice with green beans, red beans, canned corn, coloured jelly and watermelon buried underneath. I didn't add syrup but it tasted good! ^^ There were also many drinks to choose from. I had some hot apple tea, chilled with ice, to quench my thirst!

I ate until I was really full - and I didn't even try most of the stir-fries and deep-fried food. Overall, our top 3 favourites are the laksa, chicken rice and fried carrot cake! :)

I guess the main draw of this buffet (for me) is that I get to eat so many things that I used to eat during my childhood - pre-becoming-too-health-conscious - most of which I didn't know I'd enjoyed. 

My dad even said that I should bring my friends here, and that he'll bring his meat-loving, veggie-hating side of the family here for a meal - I don't quite see that happening in the near & far future lols. But it shows that even non-vegetarians enjoy it since my dad is hard to please, veg-food-wise. :D 

Quality Hotel Singapore (Level 2)
201 Balestier Road 
Singapore 329926
Open Daily
Lunch from 1130 to 1500hrs
Dinner from 1800 to 2200hrs
For reservations, call 6254 0090/91

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