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My Top 5 Favourite Things to buy from iHerb!

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I love buying from iHerb! It's an online shopping haven for (almost*) everything vegan, organic, raw and much more! There's discounts and good shipping rates (I also usually receive my package in 5-6 days). It's also really convenient because it's easier to find items that I can't readily find here in Singapore! 

*I've not been able to find vegan-certified rainbow sprinkles and marshmallows (I've even recently dreamt about Freedom Mallows omg). :(

So far, I've purchased from iHerb 5 times. I usually buy what I need, and some sale/trial products. ^^ They also have this wonderful Rewards System where you get Rewards (..duh) - they can be used for extra discounts, when people use your Rewards Code. For a first-time buyer, you can get $10 off an order over $40, or $5 off an order under $40, when you use a Rewards Code (mine's MPF483). So it's a win-win for all! :)

Now, here's a list of my favourite kinds of things to buy (in random order):

1. Hurraw Lip Balm

My absolute favourite brand of lipbalm!! Hurraw is organic, vegan and raw. Also, the scents and textures are all (at least as far as I've tried) really good, plus it's relatively cheap - what more could you ask for?

I started using Hurraw a few years back, when it was sold at West Coast Plaza's Watsons (it isn't sold there now T.T). I've been through two tubes of the Night Treatment Balm - which says a lot since I never finish my lip balms. I slather it onto my lips before bed, and then in the morning I wipe off the dead skin from my lips and my lips are really soft. Sorry if that's TMI haha. My lips don't crack anymore - and they'd always used to. What's more, it's like applying chocolate to your lips - it's really smooth and it smells of vanilla and cocoa. Heavenly.

You'll smell the scent/flavour as you apply it, but not much after!

As for the other flavours,
Black Cherry Tinted: I like the red. And it isn't the awful fever medicine kinda cherry. ^^
Sun Protection: This is the only one with SPF. It's tangerine flavoured, not bad. But I've been using it since my first tube of Night Treatment Balm and I've yet to finish it, so I guess the flavour isn't that enticing.
Chai Spice: Smells exactly like masala chai tea!! Yum.
Lemon: Like the Strepsils Lemon flavour, but more zesty and less fake. Really refreshing!
Chocolate: It's chocolate-y, but not chocolate-y enough. I feel that it's missing something.
I use Lemon and Chai Spice the most often.

2. Raw Cacao products & Chocolove Dark Chocolate

Whenever I see a display of chocolate, I'll check the ingredient list of the dark chocolate to see if it's vegan. Tell me that every vegan does that. Haha.

I've always been wanting to try Chocolove chocolate, and finally I did! Only their dark chocolate is vegan. It's not vegan certified, but according to what I've read here, they "take every measure to assure that milk chocolate is kept away from dark chocolate". And that's good enough for me!

This time, I got 3 bars. It's all ridiculously delicious. Why haven't I bought them before??

Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate (55% cocoa content): The chocolate is sweeter that what I usually eat (85% and above), but the little bits of salt granules nicely balances it out! It's also generously filled with crunchy almonds.

Extra Strong Dark Chocolate (77% cocoa content): Way less strong than those I usually consume, but it's actually quite a just-nice kinda sweetness. And it's so smooth.

Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate (55% cocoa content): I don't often like cherries in food, because they are usually reminiscent of fever medicine (that awful milky pink syrup), but this was wonderful! It's filled with crunchy nuts and chewy, slightly-tart dried cherries - you can taste them in every square.

Other than chocolate bars, I also like raw cacao nibs and raw cacao powder from Navitas Naturals. The cacao nibs add a delightfully bitter crunch to my oatmeal and desserts, and the cacao powder makes smoothies and nice-creams even more rich and delicious! I also use cacao powder to make raw chocolate.

3. Stevia

I find that Now Better Stevia (bought them at USD$1 each and later saw that a health food store here was selling it for over SGD$20 omg) tastes quite awfully fake. But the NuNaturals one is great! :) I'm increasingly not having much use for it though heh. Because I don't really bake much anymore, and I'd much rather eat dates, sweet fruit and coconut sugar. It's handy to add to teas and other drinks though!

4. Gluten-free Flours
Coconut flour, quinoa flour and peanut flour! They all smell heavenly and add a different texture and taste to baked goods. I like to use peanut flour in savoury salad dressings. It's good as a thickener too!

5. Sunblock
I really like Aubrey Natural Sun SPF 30 Tropical Scent Sunscreen (you can see it 2 photos down). I decided to buy this because it was on sale, and I'm glad I did! Other than being vegan and cruelty-free, I also love the scent and how moisturizing it isI don't use it really frequently, but it makes it into this list because vegan-friendly sunblocks are quite hard to find here I believe. 

More about my hauls and other good products:
I like hemp hearts because they add a nutty taste to food and look good as a sprinkle. 

The coconut oil is good for cooking, but mostly I use it for making chocolate (note that this one from Jarrows is in liquid form at room temperature so the chocolate melts quite fast in your hand).

I think I've only used the raw nori once. Can't bear to use it LOL. Tastes and looks more or less the same as normal nori.

Sometimes I'll add 1 tbsp of the raw coconut vinegar to 2 cups of water and drink it in the morning. I don't feel any benefits but it makes me feel healthy hahaha.

The taste of the maca powder takes some getting used to. I bought it because it's supposed to help regulate menses but nope. Still, it has other health benefits and you can add it to smoothies and oatmeal etc. (But actually it's sitting at the back of my cupboard.)

The Himalayan black salt is so atas. Hehe.

The organic molasses can be found quite easily in supermarkets here, but I think it's cheaper from iherb. I bought it because it's kinda high in iron. Good in oatmeal and cookies.

The vitamin D3 is a freebie and it's not vegan.

Here's the stevia and peanut flour.
It's quite worth it to buy nutritional yeast from iHerb! Plus this is definitely fortified with B12.
The Go Raw Pizza Flax Snax is AMAZING. How can something so healthy taste like pizza?!?!?! You have to try it!!!
The coconut sugar is so good too. Smells like COOKIES. Low GI. Great for baking.

Most of the items here are impulse buys from my Rewards points lols.

The B12 lozenges taste quite awful (kinda tutti frutti). But it's a tiny lozenge so I don't mind. What I don't like about this is that it's a high dosage (16667% RDA) which makes me feel like I don't need to take it every day. And when it's not a daily habit, I'll forget to take it. Also, it doesn't do very well with moisture. Putting it in the fridge isn't good because moisture will rush in and condense once you open the bottle - that's what happened to my previous bottle, the lozenges got all soft and crumbly ugh. And you can't put it in a pill box either, unless it's really air tight. ._. So just keep it out of the fridge, in a cool place, and handle with dry hands.

The Midori Greens superfood blend was on sale so I bought it. Hehe. I like to add a scoop to a cup of water and drink it in the morning. Makes me feel so healthy and clean inside LOL.

The Argan Oil is nice to use on my hair! I have really awfully frizzy hair (I blame Singapore's humidity) and this is probably the product that's the closest to taming it without making my hair clumpy. And it's 100% oil so no chemicals! :)

Why did I even buy the Organic Spirulina pills. Lols maybe I'll take it when I feel sick. Or maybe not.

Botanique by Himalaya Toothpaste. Why did I buy this too? Haha. It's not as minty as I'd have liked it to be, but it's fluoride free, saccharin free, sodium lauryl sulfate free and gluten free. 

I hope that this post has been useful. Took me a super long time to type this. I think I started in April. :x What are your favourite iHerb products? :)

P.S. If you were wondering why I've been so MIA on Instagram and here the last week or so (especially since it was the school holidays)... I guess I just didn't have the mood. And I've been busy going out and being engrossed in reading and procrastinating projects and stuff. Meh. I guess lose interest in things quite easily. But I still love my collection of glassware and wood stuff. I think it's either I start posting very simple, fuss-free things on Instagram or else I'll hardly be posting at all...

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  1. iHerb rocks...I get flaxseed. tea, spices, vitamins, and chocolate too! Chocolove Almonds & Sea Salt and Endangered Species Dark Chocolates are my faves.
    You might try VeganEssentials for rainbow sprinkles and marshmallows...
    or VeganStore...
    Your blog is crazygorgeous...I hope you do a cookbook someday! Cheers! :)

    1. Oooo thanks for the recommendations!! I've yet to try Endangered Species but I will once I finish my Alter Eco bar hehe! ^^ Thanks again for the compliments - it'll be a dream come true to have my own cookbook next time! :)