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LingZhi Vegetarian Hotpot + Dimsum Buffet @ Velocity Novena

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My parents and I went to lunch at LingZhi for my mum's birthday! It's my first time at this branch at Novena. We went to the Orchard branch for my Dad's birthday earlier this year.. but I never got around to blogging about it hehe :x

We went for the Lunch Buffet ($24.80++). It includes a Mushroom Hotpot and a selection of Dim Sum items!

The design of the place was nice and bright, and I prefer this to the one at Orchard! We got this individual booth because there were no more plugs at the main area for the hotpot. (Yay took photos in peace LOL)

You can choose 2 soups for the mushroom hotpot. We got the Tom Yum soup and the Papaya Yam soup. 

It's called a mushroom hotpot and there were 5 types of mushrooms! They seemed fresh.

There are also quite a few other items: corn, baby corn, orange sweet potato, yam, tofu, tomato, black fungus, lotus root, taukee, 'fish' cake, instant noodles, chinese seaweed, huge bowl of veggies etc... BUT NO CARROTS. o_o

We asked the waitress and we were told that only the vegetable curry and the pork pastry has milk. Okay, it's quite expected for the pastry, but curry??? Curry???? They use both low fat milk and coconut milk in it. Why ruin a good dish -_- 

I was super pleasantly surprised to know that these Heaty Fried Things are vegan woohoo! These were my favourite out of the whole buffet!! More about them later!

The non-vegan Vegetarian Pork Pastry is the one at the top right.

Here you see the condiments table, the dim sum stacks and three dessert items at the back.

The one on the left is the Spicy Sesame Sauce. It wasn't spicy. Slightly bitter.

The other one is the Satay Sauce. It's yummy!! Goes great with everything! In fact, all the vegan satay sauces I've tried have been wonderful. ^^

There's also a Homemade Chili Sauce but I only saw it at the end because dad didn't scoop it lol. 


I have no idea what they're called and I forgot to try the siew mai. ._.

I didn't really like the green + yellow dumplings because I felt that the filling-to-skin ratio was too low. And the veggie buns at the to right tasted average too. The small round dumpling at the top left was quite yummy.

But I really like the char siew bun!!! Yum yum warm and fluffy! Mum thought that it wasn't sweet enough but I felt that it was just right.

There were 7 types of dim sum in total. I had this triangle shaped one which was interesting because there's corn inside!

Heaty fried things!!!

Clockwise from top: Yam Croquette, Spring Roll, Curry Puff, Vegetables Croquette and Carrot Cake. Other than the spring roll, which was average, everything else was SO GOOD! 

The yam croquette was so crispy and flaky on the outside and smooth on the inside. The curry puff was like baked - the shell was like a biscuit - and the filing was flavourful. The vegetables croquette had a chewy mochi-like exterior! And the carrot cake was our favourite - crispy around the edges and it's of just the right savouriness!! The crispiness depends on how fresh they are too though - we had a few more pieces (yes they were that good!) and not all were crispy.

On to the hotpot!

The tom yum soup was nearer to me so that's what I mostly ate from haha. It was sour, flavourful and spicy enough!! :)

The fried noodles were average-tasting. But add on the satay sauce and it's yummy! ^^

The rojak was not bad. I don't have anything to compare it to though; I don't remember eating the non-vegan kind. The you tiao (deep fried dough fritters) in this rojak were CRISPY LIKE COOKIES. Interesting. The apples and pineapple in this are the only fruit I had that meal lols. There was sliced watermelon at the condiments table though.

Desserts: Almond Jelly with Longan, Black Sesame Paste and Sweetened Almond Cream.

The almond jelly dessert was unfortunately the canned fruit cocktail kind. I was expecting pieces of almond jelly! The black sesame paste and almond paste were not too sweet, but I found them to be not rich enough. Hmm.

I find that it's a a bit too pricey for a buffet with this small spread. On the other hand, there's both dim sum and steamboat, and almost all items are vegan. Service was good too. I guess this is a good place for special occasions! I was like full until dinner. So yeah, go with an empty stomach and non-figure-hugging clothes hehe.

Velocity @ Novena Square
238 Thomson Road
Phone: 6538 2992

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