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NYC Day 7 (29 Apr) - Vegetarian Dim Sum House + Matilda the Musical + Central Park Picnic take 2

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I said that I was on a roll in my last post but apparently not lol.

I can't remember if I've mentioned it but I finished the 2 humongous bags of Earth Balance popcorn during the trip. This was the first bag (I prefer this aged white cheddar flavour more than the buttery one!) and I had the frustratingly small and crumbly bits of popcorn with Silk Almond Milk to start the day off.

We walked to Chinatown which was not that far away from our Airbnb. 

It's really like you step into another country omg!! Singapore's Chinatown isn't like this because there's so many Chinese anyway. And I don't remember Melbourne's Chinatown to be as Chinese as this! Haha

There's this small park stretching across Chinatown and there were like people speaking in dialect, playing Chinese chess and doing morning exercises like this lady in the photo. Wow isn't it amazing that they can stretch with ease at such an old age?? Like the other places you can see this are China or Hong Kong or maybe Taiwan. Wow what do the old people in Singapore do then? Taiqi, brisk walking, morning zumba at the malls?? LOL

Anyway mum said that the older generation that stay in Chinatown are there for their whole lives and don't integrate into the rest of society ._. Interesting.

That arch has a name but I don't know what

Pretty flowers!

Small street in Chinatown.

First stop is the Vegetarian Dim Sum House for brunch!

It was completely empty when we entered because it was still quite early (about 11am)! We ordered 5 items. Which was too much lol!

Everything's vegan by the way (if I didn't remember wrongly) yay!

I ordered based on Yelp reviews and the first one that came was the Mashed Taro Treasure Boxes (US$3.45). This was really yummy! It's super crispy and flaky on the outside and inside there's a thick layer of taro (yam) and mock meat & stuff in the middle.

The next one is this Steamed Glutinous Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaves (US$5.50). I think I might have ordered wrongly and the recommended one could've been Mini Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaves?

This was like the rice dumplings we eat during the Rice Dumpling Festival (Duan Wu festival) but it was HUGE. H U G E. Barely managed to finish it lol. Tasted okay - nothing special.

The last 3 items were (clockwise from top) Mock Meat Roast Pork Buns (US$3.45), Spinach Dumplings (US$3.45) and Rice Flour Rolls with Vegetarian Mock Shrimps (US$3.45).

All of them tasted fine but I'm quite sure I've tasted better (vegan versions) in Singapore! Especially the roast pork buns - it was either not sweet enough or too sweet, I can't remember which.

AREN'T THE DIMSUM THINGS SO CUTE??? I don't know if it appears anywhere in Chinatown or at the eateries hmm.

Overall it was a really cheap meal considering that it's in New York plus we were extremely full AND we had leftovers we takeaway-ed!!

Chinatown fruit stands!

And then we walked to Little Italy which is right across the street from Chinatown.

Of course this place didn't give me the "Am I in Italy??" feeling haha but so amazing that suddenly there are hardly any Chinese words and few Chinese people even though it's just beside Chinatown.

Meh I've never gotten one of these because even Serene never makes it on them :(

Then we went to take the metro - this is on the platform floor at Canal Street station. Ewww isn't it great that they ban gum in Singapore?

Why are there always so many people at Broadway even though it's weekday working hours?

We went to watch Matilda at Shubert Theatre!

There were LOTS of school kids watching wow. Like 70% of the theatre was filled with kids who were there for an excursion haha. Probably because it was an early afternoon screening. How fun, they get to dress up and enjoy themselves instead of having those educational kind of school excursions lol.

We were like SUPER far from the stage haha!! 

The stage isn't that small - the wall moves up so it's surprisingly big.

The performance was super enjoyable & funny and the actors and actresses (some of whom are really young - like 7 years old onwards I think) put on a spectacular show!! 

When we got out of the theatre it was the warmest temperature we've experienced there!

Haha sorry I'm not circling her head.

We walked from the theatre to the Whole Food's near Central Park, and then to Sheep's Meadow (in Central Park).

The whole journey was actually quite far but we were going to picnic for an early dinner and we weren't hungry yet (must've been the glutinous rice!). It's so nice how the streets of New York are almost all perpendicular and really neat (except for Broadway) because if it wasn't I would've been much more confused and lost throughout the trip.

And so it's Picnic take 2 (the first one was on Day 2 when it was freezing cold). Leftovers from brunch, salads from Whole Foods, lemon poppy cake donuts from Babycakes (which we didn't actually eat then hehe) and apples.

Guess which salad is mine! LOL ^^

Sigh I miss this so much!

Ooooo people doing yoga. There were also people playing sports and having bootcamps too! And we were just sitting and eating hahaha

It was after-work hours so there were lots of people jogging. L O T S. Like as if people signed up for a run or something. So amazing right?! It'll be so nice to live near a place like this.

Hehe buskers providing entertainment on the train!

What my outfit looked like lol.

And that's the end of Day 7! It was an entertaining but chill day :)

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