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Hong Kong & Macau // Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

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Went to Hong Kong & Macau with my family - 3.5 days in Hong Kong and 3.5 days in Macau. First time to both places for me. Weather was perfect - nice and cool! 

Hong Kong has many vegan options! Didn't get to go to many of them due to time limitations but pretty satisfied with what we had :) Macau didn't have that many (especially since Blissful Carrot was closed for the holidays TT ) but it was still manageable!

Here's the link to my Google Maps - went to only a fraction of the places.

I realised how awfully bad I am at reading Chinese. And I have zero knowledge of Cantonese lol. I could probably have learnt from Hong Kong dramas I watched as a kid but those shown on TV here are dubbed! You'd think that Cantonese can't be that far from Chinese but when people talk to me in Cantonese I just stare blankly lol

Here's what we did:

Wed 28 Dec
8.30pm Arrive in HK Buy Octopus card
Take Airport Express  HK$100
10pm  Arrive at hotel South China Hotel (North Point MTR)
10.30pm Supper near hotel
Thur 29 Dec
11am Lantau Island Take MTR to Tung Chung
11.30am Ngong Ping 360 Standard car HK$185, Crystal car HK$255
12.15pm Ngong Ping village
1.30am Po Lin Monestery Vegetarian (11.30am-4.30pm daily) General vegetarian meal HK$98
Deluxe vegetarian meal HK$138 
4pm Victoria Peak (too crowded, didn't go)
6pm Loving Hut  (Wan Chai) Egg tarts
7.30pm Green Veggie BBQ veg pork buns
Fri 30 Dec
10.30am Tim Ho Wan (North Point)  vegan options: veg chee cheong fun & osmanthus jelly
11.30am Fa Yuen Street Market
Ladies Market
2pm Three Virtues Veg (Tsim Sha Tsui) (10.30am-11pm) Dim sum - xiao long bao
4pm Victoria Harbour
5.30pm Central Sit somewhere to rest - Kasa
7pm Veggie SF 10F
8.30pm Ferry Terminal (Sheung Wan) Buy tickets for next day
Sat 31 Dec
11am Travel to ferry terminal
12nn Take ferry to Macau
1pm Arrive in Macau
2.30pm Reach Regency Art Hotel Macau
4pm Casino Taipa
7.30pm Taipa Village
8pm Galo Portuguese Food Yuen Ngai Fong was closed, Blissful Carrot closed for the holidays
9.30pm Parisian & Venetian
Sun 1 Jan
10am Ruins of St Paul Check shuttle bus from hotel
Senado Square
St Dominic's Church
Mon 2 Jan
8.30am Seng Kei Congee (7.30am-11pm)
9.30am Taipa Village
12nn Pou Tai Un Monastery - Sum Yuen veg restaurant
1.30pm Macau Tower
5pm The House of Dancing Water
Tue 3 Jan
9.30am Ferry to Hong Kong Airport
12nn Lunch at food court
2.25pm Flight

I'll slowly blog about the trip in parts:

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