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Japanese Products (DIY Tofu!) + VeganEgg

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Mum got some Japanese products from an online mart and here are some of them!

~Curry & VeganEgg~
I cooked the instant curry packs with Japanese cabbage (also bought from the online store) and other veggies. The rice is made with the red beans which made it quite savoury and delicious! Stuffed some of the rice into inari pockets too. The soup is made with instant soup sachets (3rd item from left in the first photo) which didn't really taste like much other than salt. So we added frozen pumpkin..and cooked it with beansprouts and other veg after this photo was taken! And of course there's natto!

I was rushing to take this photo because it was 7pm and the sun was going to set! This took a whole lot of editing too because the photo turned out very dark ^^;

I bought this back from Brisbane and it was my first time trying it! It smelled really eggy when mixing, and it sizzled just like an egg when cooking. But it wasn't really sulfur-y enough after cooking, so it could do with some black salt! It's pretty interesting to cook though! I made it into an omelette and a scramble. For a scramble, I'd prefer the texture of a tofu scramble a bit more, but for an omelette the VeganEgg made it quite easy! We had it with Japanese ketchup which actually tastes different from what I'm used to (in a good way)?? It's more tomato-y and more like Campbell tomato soup lol

~Red bean bread & Banana milk~
I mixed in the whole pack of sweet red bean paste (last item of first row) into this loaf! You can't tell it's red bean from looking though haha

I had it with Provamel banana soymilk which I also brought back from Brisbane! It's been super long since I've had banana milk! This was kinda sweet but the banana didn't taste fake :)

A day before I flew back to Brisbane I found this at Bigbox! This Vegemil banana soy drink is vegan (the other Vegemil drink isn't because it has vitamin D) and it's cheaper than the Provamel one too! I think this was $4 for 6 packs?

~DIY Tofu~
Another Japanese product Mum got was this - looks like regular soymilk but it comes with a little sachet of liquid to turn it into tofu!

All we had to do is to mix the soymilk with the sachet (nigari - magnesium chloride), microwave it for 4 minutes and it's done!

By the way this soymilk tastes quite odd and it's not something I'd like to drink lol. It says it has at least 12% soy beans.

It looks the same after microwaving but it's solidified

Added some dark soy sauce and sesame oil!

It was delicious!!! This was ~S$8 though. Idk what it's called in English but it's 北の大豆無調整豆乳. Quite expensive but it was a fun experience! Seems much cheaper in Japan so I guess it'll make a nice souvenir.

When I went to Tokyo a few years back it was difficult to find food souvenirs because so many of them have dairy/egg/bonito/fish essence/honey :(

This pack of chips weren't exciting but it's nice that it wasn't overly salty.


This was easily the best buy out of all the products! Looks like a regular rice cracker snack but it's coated with soybean flour (kinako) which somehow made it taste like peanut butter?!

It's called Funwari Meijin Roasted Soy Flour Mochi. Okay now I know what to look for the next time I go to Japan!!

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