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Johor Bahru // Vegan Options at Arashi Shabu-shabu (City Square) + Sushi King (KSL) + Auntie Anne's

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Haven't posted in super long because I was so busy with uni! Went back to Singapore for a couple of weeks during Winter break and made an impromptu trip to JB from 2-3 July (Sunday-Monday). There are some vegan eateries and lotsa nice cafes in JB but since it was a family trip we didn't go to any of them. Mum & I were there for about 24 hours while my aunt and her friend stayed a few hours more and went to a night market!

(lol I just needed a cover photo)

We just went to City Square mall and KSL mall haha. It seems like there used to be vegetarian eateries in these malls which have since closed down? So we just ate at non-vegan places with vegan options! Several places really don't have anything remotely vegan so we settled for these places:

Arashi Shabu-shabu (City Square mall)

It's at the basement of the mall and we went there for our first meal! I guess this place is supposed to be Japanese(-inspired?) but it didn't seem like it at all haha. They have 3 pages of 'vegan' items in their menu but I'm pretty sure that they think that vegan is just a short form of vegetarian. So make sure to confirm with them that what you order has no dairy or egg!

It's supposed to be individual sets but Mum & I shared the Stuffed Tofu Shabu Shabu set (RM21.90) + 1 rice since we were going to snack later haha. We got a confirmation from our waiter that it didn't contain dairy or egg (he checked with the kitchen) but I suggest you check again lol. Not that it tasted like dairy or egg but the answer was slightly uncertain ^^; The safest would be the Healthy Mushroom Shabu set which has no mock meat!

There was 6% GST and 10% service charge but it was just about S$5 each since we shared hehe.

Sushi King (KSL mall)

This is a chain outlet so I guess you can find this in many malls! Like Arashi, this has very un-authentic Japanese food haha. Their menu states the allergens for all items which is pretty handy - without that I wouldn't have known that many non-meat items (eg. soba/udon sauce) has fish! 

So I had 4 plates inari sushi (RM3 each) and a mushroom salad (RM10.80) with the egg separated and without the sauce (it was a sesame sauce which looked like it had dairy). They don't have sushi that's normally vegan - like those plain cucumber or avocado ones - but I love inari so I didn't mind! This is also subjected to the 6% and 10%.

Auntie Anne's
This is at both City Square and KSL and probably many other malls. I googled for vegan options and it seems like many of the Specialty pretzels are vegan if you ask for no butter, but they said they can only do the Original (RM3.50) without butter. So that's what we had (without salt too) and it was guuuud

Gong Cha

I rarely drink bubble tea but since they're gone from Singapore at the moment and it's much cheaper in JB I had a 0% sugar roselle tea with ai-yu jelly (RM7.50). It was great! ^^

We stayed at Grand BlueWave hotel which had a hotel breakfast! The hotel was pretty okay - at first we had a large suite(?) room but it had mosquitoes and a smoking smell (though it was a non-smoking floor) so we switched to another room. The pillows were really flat and un-fluffy (though to Mum they were too high lolol) so I hardly slept - luckily it was just a night! 

The shopping was not bad though! Maybe next time when I'm back I'll try the veg eateries there!

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