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Souvenirs from Brisbane

By 09:58

With globalisation it gets increasingly more difficult to buy souvenirs because a lot of what you can buy overseas you can also get in Singapore lol (albeit at a higher price).

But these are what I brought back this time! Quite a lot more accidentally-vegan things than the previous time I was back. (Intentionally-vegan things are expensive :x ) Doesn't look like much but I brought back about 4 of each item hahaha. Here are my comments on some of them:

Arnotts biscuits (Lemon Crisp, Choc Ripple, Ginger Nut): I wasn't sure if they sold these in Singapore but YES THEY DO. Oh well. They taste quite nice dunked in soymilk.

Broccoli: Not pictured but I brought 3 bunches back on Mum's request since fresh produce in Australia are cheap and good haha. It's not uncommon - my friend's mum brought back a carton of peaches!!

Burger Rings: It doesn't look vegan (the back says contains milk but it doesn't actually) but a list of vegan snacks circulating around vegan Brisbane groups show that it is! In the comments people said that these were the first taste it didn't taste amazing (it doesn't taste like a burger???) to me but then the next time I ate it I finished the whole bag hehe

Candied ginger: Idk why Mum asks me to get them here but this is something I always buy back.

Clif bars: They're cheaper here, 5 for $10 when it's on sale at The Cruelty Free Shop!

Crumpets: They don't sell these in Singapore right? It's like something people eat like bread for breakfast. It can be toasted and you can add spreads onto it. My mum steamed them and they were kinda like min jiang kueh hahaha but they're really soft and fluffy this way! Also it's fat free. It expires quite quickly but they freeze well.

Cup a Soup: Somehow it seemed like a good idea when I bought it. $1 a box when it was on sale.

Glitter jelly: It's from the Aeroplane brand and it's unlike their usual jelly because this doesn't have gelatine! Also it's pink and actually glittery and people says it tastes nice. I've yet to try it though haha

Kewpie 'Egg Care' Mayo: This is delicious and can't be found in Singapore. Also quite compact which makes it easy to stuff into the luggage!

Leda Choculence: Vegan timtams ^^

Sour Patch Kids: Probably the only Sour Patch gummy that's vegan I think.

Sukin: You can find them at Watsons but of course they're cheaper at Chemist Warehouse :)

VeganEgg: They're much more affordable here! Bought when it was half price so it was about A$8. More about it in this post.

Walnuts: When you don't know what to get for your relatives nuts are a great option (if you don't mind the weight). People seem to think that they're really cheap here

Oh and previously I bought Vego bars for people too :) In addition to these I also brought back corn thins and crisp bread because they're like half the price here. Similarly, my friend brings back oats because they're cheaper here! When I graduate and go back to Singapore for good I needa lug back a lot of foodstuff & Sukin hahaha

A gif since this post lacks photos:

Uni has begun ugh this semester is gonna be tough

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