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Hello! I'm Serene and welcome to my blog! I started this in 2013 to collate and share my vegan recipes. I've been vegan for about 4 years and I love it! You can also find me on Instagram at @serenesayyian. I don't blog or Instagram nearly as much as I used to though - it amazes me that I used to post so much back then! Nowadays I take much more joy in watching k-variety and k-dramas haha ^^; Also I post vegan food reviews (but don't trust my opinion 100% though because I eat and enjoy frozen bread LOL) and travel itineraries (NYC, Tokyo, Sydney and more to come) centred around vegan eateries and other enjoyable but somewhat superficial/shallow things hahaha. Like crockery shopping! Cannot resist pretty ceramics and glassware and wood!

Oh and if you didn't already know, I'm a Singaporean and a 95'-er. I'm studying dietetics at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane now and I was studying nutrition at Singapore Polytechnic previously. As you'd expect, studying mainstream nutrition/dietetics is tough as a vegan but lol I'm here already and nothing else really interests me. Also, I'm very much a homebody and also really shy and quite irl. Like I won't really talk to you if you don't talk to me first lol.

I've not had my face in Instagram/blog posts in years haha so I thought I'd put a face to my blog - this is roughly what I look like lol -->

Okay that's it for my rather scattered and random self-intro. Thanks for visiting my blog! You can drop me an email anytime at for any feedback or queries (or if you want to be email-pen-pals haha)! I'd be happy to receive them and I would love to help :)

I'm currently not really interested in sponsorships or endorsements - as you can see from my sporadic blog- & Instagram posts I really have no feel to post :x (You can still try asking though haha)

Also this gif basically sums up why I'm vegan  (source)